Of Lambrusco

2 guided tours around wineries
2 tasting sessions to delight the senses
1 local pre-dinner drink with a buffet at the Hotel Guerro
1 evening meal in a traditional restaurant
1 lunchtime meal in a farm restaurant
1 overnight stay (breakfast included) at the Hotel Guerro

A man who drinks only water has a secret to hide from his fellow men.

We will take you on a journey of discovery through the lands of Grasparossa lying in the midst of the verdant hills of Modena. An ordinary door hides the incredible story of Lambrusco with an itinerary meant to delight the senses.

We look forward to seeing you in the early afternoon at the Guerro Hotel for an aperitif served with local home-made titbits. Are you ready? Let’s go!
The Lambrusco tour begins with local experts who will accompany you as you walk through the grounds of the first winery and tell you about this marvellous red nectar.
Behind each delicious sip, there is a combination of soil, vines, climate and generosity which bespeaks the character of those that produce it. The end result is there for you to enjoy: a refreshing tasting session that will acquaint you with the best wines around.

Now that you have acquired some expertise in local wines, we will be taking you to dinner where you will learn how to pair what you drink with some delicious dishes from the Emilia region. Enjoy!
And now it is time to have some well-deserved rest; the brand-new rooms at Hotel Guerro will afford all the relaxation you need. 

But, wait. It is not finished yet! Let us invite you to the second leg of the trip: the following day a second winery will be waiting and you will find out about all about the details that make each local winemaker quite unique. A combination of family traditions and technological innovation combine to give premium wines which you will have the opportunity to try during a second tasting session

And as you chatter and listen to fascinating tales, your learning experience will continue because you will sit down to an enjoyable lunch made by the knowing hands of the local rezdore (traditional lady cooks). Bet you won’t be able to refuse a second helping!