guerro hotel

Eat & Drink


The pleasure of a good breakfast

We know full and well how important it is to you to get the day off to a good start. This is why we want the smell of coffee to wake you up as it mingles in the air with the fragrance of freshly baked pastries.
And you will be spoilt for choice because there isn’t only one kind of pastry! If you are more of a savoury person, you must try a slice of P.D.O. cured ham inside a warm bread bun. It is just begging you to devour it.
Our Staff will greet you from inside the kitchen because they will be busy preparing cakes, muffins and pancakes, just as delicious as the homemade ones.

Local producers

The local producers have become our friends. Every morning they knock on our door with crates piled high with fresh fruit, trays filled with fresh croissants from the pastry shop and baskets of bread straight from our local bakery.”

7 ÖV

Öv means egg in Modena dialect and the number 3 stands for the three different ways we cook
them so that you can enjoy a tasty nutritious breakfast. All you’ll have to do is tell us how you like them: boiled, scrumbled or fried?

Vegan meals

“For those who follow a vegan diet, we have everything you need for a healthy and balanced
breakfast: fresh fruit salad, dried fruits and seeds, plant based milk and homemade cakes without animal products.


HOME made

Our staff always have fun experimenting in the kitchen, creating new and tasty recipes for your
breakfast. We like good food and we want to share it with you.

Gluten Free

The utmost attention goes to anyone who suffers from coeliac disease or who follows a gluten-free diet.

Sip on true taste.

Our brand-new lounge bar is a place where you can wind down and enjoy yourself.

Take some time out to relax, sip on a cocktail or your favourite long drink in a cosy space with a refined design. Or take your pick from the best brands of Italian wine and enjoy our local bounty. Lambrusco Grasparossa a limited-production wine and winner of coveted international awards.

Our recommendation? Try one of our signature drinks: they have been specifically studied to enhance some of the very best local produtcs such as Balsamic Vinegar. Afterwards you will be able to say you have tried specialties from Emilia Romagna!