Is photography your passion?

Would you like to over 10,000 people a year to see your pictures?

If you, like us at the Hotel Guerro, love the Modena area and its rolling countryside, take part in the #guerrochallenge and send us YOUR viewpoint of Castelvetro di Modena and its beautiful surrounds.
The most impressive photos will become
giant posters in the new rooms of the Hotel Guerro.

Follow the example of the #nacchiobro, celebrated photographers who have captured the essence of Modena’s landscape and its surrounds; like us, they never cease to be amazed by the sheer beauty all around us. The first giant image which takes pride of place in the new room number 204 is theirs.
It was incredible to see the astonished expression on the face of #angynacchio  when he saw a gargantuan version of his own picture on the bedroom wall as the door swung open.
I remember exactly when I took this picture, and, when I saw it on the wall, I relived everything I felt at the time”, and again, “The thought that my creation will be seen and, I hope, appreciated by thousands of people, and the fact that it will be on display for years, fills me with pride and spurs me on to achieve more“.
All the hard work of the whole #theguerroheroes  team was amply rewarded by his joy. Finally, our efforts have paid off.
#lucanacchio  too was enchanted by the beauty of our terrace and the unmatched view of the ancient medieval town of Castelvetro on the skyline. And obviously took the opportunity to take some pictures….

Do you like to capture the beauty of the moment as it unfolds before you? Send us your photos and share your special view of our delightful area with us and with our guests.
We have had a makeover. We have completely refurbished the hotel and we would appreciate your help in presenting a project whose aim it is to promote our local area to those have not yet had the pleasure.

Do you want to know more? Write to

Download here the regulations and application form